23 Things ELC Leadership

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We have developed this resource as a response to the Early learning and childcare sector, who have asked for a more Early learning and childcare specific resource. Some of the “Things” are repeated activities from the 23 Things Leadership and some are more relevant to Early learning and childcare.  Everything you need to take part in 23 Things Early Learning and Childcare Leadership is accessed through this website. The programme is open to any social service worker (in statutory, voluntary and private sectors) in Scotland. The programme is designed to:

  • offer an introduction to varied aspects of leadership
  • help you recognise your own leadership capabilities
  • encourage development of good leadership in the sector so that achievement of positive outcomes for people using services and their carers is central to care practice and service delivery.

Access this resource here.

We are the regulator for the social work, social care and children and young people workforce in Scotland. Our vision is that the people of Scotland can count on social services being provided by a trusted, skilled, confident and valued workforce. We want to live and work in a Scotland that values its social services and the workforce that delivers those services in our communities, to our citizens. To deliver our vision, we will focus on our two main areas of work. The first is protecting the public by registering the workforce and acting where someone falls short of the standards we have set. The second is to work with others to develop the workforce, attract people to careers in this sector and make sure the workforce has the skills and professional knowledge needed to meet the demands of the changing landscape of social work, social care and children and young people services.

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We deliver our work in a way that is customer-focused and evidence driven – making the best use of available technology to provide a seamless service that is based on the intelligence we hold. As a public sector body, we recognise the importance of best value services that are well governed and monitored.

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