Emergency Childcare First Aid

Diagnosis of clinical shock in a casualty

Treatment for shock


Common cause of burns in both domestic and workplace environment

Diagnosis of burns

Treatment of burns including chemical burns

Special considerations for babies


Diagnosis of an adult, child and baby choking casualty

Treatment of an adult, child and baby choking casualty who remains conscious

Treatment of an adult, child and baby choking casualty who becomes unconscious

Aftercare of choking casualties

Asthma Attack

Diagnosis of Asthma attack

Treatment of an Asthma attack casualty

Use of medication

When to call an ambulance


Commonly encountered poisons

Diagnosis of a poisoned casualty

Treatment of poisoning

Anaphylactic Shock

Common causes of anaphylactic shock

Treatment of anaphylactic shock in a casualty

Use of Epipen and other adrenaline auto-injectors


Covid-19 safe CPR

Use of AED

First Aid Kits

The Law relating to First Aid provision in the workplace

Packaging of First Aid kits

Content of First Aid kits

Maintenance of First Aid

The course includes a First Aid manual covering the above topics and more.  Additionally candidates have the opportunity to purchase First Aid kits on the course.

Certificates awarded to candidates are valid for three years

Courses can be delivered at your nursery or workplace throughout Scotland

Lead practitioners and Childminders should consider the 2 day course

Bags First Aid Established 1999 www.bagsfirstaid.co.uk From the experience of providing registered day care of children, Bags specialises in First Aid training for those working with babies, children and young people. We provide training to schools, nurseries, after-school clubs, youth clubs, childminders, nannies, parents and community groups. Qualifications in Outdoor Education, first hand knowledge of a wide range of outdoor pursuits such as mountain biking, rock climbing, hill walking, canoeing and kayaking provides a foundation for the Outdoor First Aid courses. Each First Aid course allows practical hands-on experience using casualty simulation and resuscitation manikins. Childcare courses use special baby and child manikins. Training classes are small with no more than 12 participants. This ensures a friendly relaxed atmosphere and individual attention.

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Bags First Aid

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The company is run by Philip Bagnall. He has over 25 years teaching experience in both formal and informal learning environments. He is a qualified teacher and holds qualifications in Outdoor Education and First Aid Training. Your Feedback After each course participants are asked to evaluate the training. We are frequently told: “It was the best First Aid course I have attended” Courses focus on clear precise information: “This was an effective, informative course” “It was a lot easier to follow than previous courses” “Excellent course, which could make the difference between life and death in an emergency situation” We also want you to enjoy your learning time: “The course was enjoyable and the trainer presented himself clearly and took time to answer questions and explain procedures”

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