Supporting Play and Play Pedagogy

Course Description –

This course is made up of 2 SQA accredited units and is designed to enable you to gain knowledge and understanding of how to support children’s play effectively.

The course will examine contemporary pedagogical theories, and support you to develop your understanding of a range of useful strategies and techniques that you can use in your everyday practice to offer exciting and stimulating play experiences to the children in your setting.

You will research and discuss topics, implement strategies and observe their impact, and reflect on actions taken and changes made.

The benefits of freely chosen, self-directed play are well known, and this course will give you the knowledge and confidence to ensure that the play spaces and play opportunities available in your setting are inclusive and accessible, and that they meet the needs and interests of the children who attend.

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Training Overview –

What you will learn

· Pedagogical approaches to supporting play

· Providing a range of rich play opportunities – resources and equipment

· The play cycle

· Intervention styles to support play

· Play types

· Supporting self directed play

· Outdoor play and learning

· Inclusion and accessibility

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