Module 6: Building confidence in identifying and responding to additional support needs

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Welcome to Building confidence in identifying and responding to additional support needs. Everybody needs additional support in their lives at one time or another. The level of support that we need depends on the situation or difficulties that we face. Obviously, babies need a great deal of support from the adults in their lives to meet their physical, social and emotional needs. The amount of support decreases as the baby grows and develops, they become more able to meet their own needs and depend less on the adults around them. This is not the same for all children, though: some may require additional support from adults for longer, more permanently or at different times in their lives.

As a practitioner it can be a challenging knowing when a child requires support, knowing when to intervene or not, or judging what the is ‘right’ amount of support to offer. This module is designed to help you develop confidence in your knowledge about practice and legislation, and also how to work with parents and other professionals to identify effective ways of providing additional support to children.

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One purpose of this module is to support you to increase their knowledge of the factors that can mean children require additional support.  There are many factors that can influence how and when children require additional support from adults. These factors include disability, health conditions, ethnicity, colour, gender, sexuality, culture, and social and economic factors.  The reality of the situation is that these factors do not present in isolation but can intersect. It is vital therefore that throughout your study and in your practice, you reflect on the various factors that influence a child’s experience.

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