1 day Paediatric Emergency First Aid at Work Course

This valuable one day course equips anyone who cares for children with the essential skills needed in an emergency. 

Resuscitation techniques including adaptations for  Child and Baby, treating burns and scalds, stemming blood loss, dealing with choking and much more.  All things we hope we never have to deal with but may come across at some stage.  All resuscitation practice includes the use of a training defibrillator with each candidate undergoing a practical assessment on its use.

The course is delivered via lecture, demonstration and group practice sessions

Candidates who show good practical ability will be awarded a HSE Approved certificate which is valid for 3 years.

Ken Brown Leisure Training has been delivering HSE standard First-Aid Training since 1997. We are registered with the First-Aid Industry body and have trainers in a number of regions in Scotland. We currently deliver training for schools, childcare providers, foster carers and many local businesses. Our 1 day Paediatric Emergency First-Aid Course is very popular.

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Ken Brown Leisure Training

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01542 887814

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Our trainers are well qualified, experienced and assessed on an annual basis. They provide evaluation feedback after every course. Our contact details are on the evaluation sheet if this should ever be required.

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