Child Protection Lead Training

This course is for people who have a lead role and responsibility within their organisation for Child Protection practice. This would include responsibilities for management oversight and the development of policies and learning. Prior to attending this course, it is expected that you will have grounding in child protection practice, and have previously completed child protection training course/s

Children in Scotland are committed to ensuring all children in Scotland have an equal chance to flourish. We offer a wide range of trainings for practitioners on a variety of topics to help inform and develop their work with children and young people

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Children in Scotland

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0131 313 8828

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Due to resources, Children in Scotland do not hold a QA accreditation, although ensure that all trainings are held to a high standard and presented by approved trainers. Despite not being QA accredited, this allows us to alter and adapt our trainings to the ever-evolving landscape to ensure we are reflecting the current issues facing those working in the sector.

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