Oh Behave

Learning outcomes include:

  • An increased appreciation of common MSN behavioural presentations.
  • Improved insight into MSN related factors which affect behaviour and emotional well-being in youths.
  • A basic understanding of the impact of adult involvement on behaviour in youngsters.
  • Improved skills to analyse behaviour (using shared tools).
  • Increased knowledge of strategies and confidence in dealing with youths with MSN and challenging situations relating to behaviour management.

SensationALL training is booked through our administrator, advertised on various platforms and publications & involves waiting lists. This can be in-house, on-site or bespoke. Our training staff have extensive, specialist expertise in clinical fields relating to Additional Support Needs like; autism, sensory processing, learning disability and therapeutic approaches such as intensive interaction, play and behavioural management. The Lead Trainer is an HCPC registered Occupational Therapist with over 25 years clinical experience. Training can be adapted to the audience, in-house this is often a mixture of parents/carers and professionals.

Provider Title:

Contact Number:
01224 746699

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SensationALL uses a comprehensive training evaluation form for every training event. They incorporate both qualitative comments and measurable rating scales to reflect on training content, achievement of attendees learning outcomes and training provider performance and are collated and analysed to assist the development future training workshops. There is also a line manager based complaint procedure.

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