Outdoors What Ever the Weather

A one day course packed with practical play and learning ideas – to make the most of our variable UK climate with your learners

Takes place predominantly outdoors

For up to 25 staff. Venue to be agreed with the booker. We travel all over Scotland

Learning Through Landscapes Scotland (formerly Grounds for Learning) has 25 years of working with schools and early years setting. We have an unrivalled track record of inspiring and enabling educators and play providers to work confidently outside. We assist providers make the most of their outdoor space for learning and play. Supporting the transition from classroom to outdoors. Our vision is that every child should benefit from stimulating outdoor learning and play in their education. We offer educators the tools to enable this. Teaching, learning and playing outside can offer a wealth of opportunities to engage disengaged learners, reconnect children with nature, improve physical and mental health, increase resilience and improve learning outcomes. We offer support through a range of programmes, training opportunities & visits helping you support changes to your outside practice. Whether you are thinking about how to encourage outdoor interaction or aiming to change your playground space, we are here to help and assist you with your aspirations. We have a wide range of bespoke courses. Please get in touch, and we can provide a course to meet your team needs.

Provider Title:
Learning Through Landscapes Scotland (formerly Grounds for Learning)

Contact Number:
01786 465934

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We are accredited by the GTCS for professional recognition in outdoor learning. We are endorsed by SCEL for our “Leading for Outdoor Learning” course. We provided advice and training to the Care Inspectorate team when the My World Outdoors document was being produced. We are on the Quality Action Plan , action 10 advisory group (“How to “ guide for outdoor nurseries). We evaluate each course we do through our internal evaluation sheets. If there is a complaint about our training then you should refer yourself to our complaints procedure. Copies available on request from enquiries@ltl.org.uk

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